The of PTC heater manufacturer is divided according to structural characteristics


According to the structural characteristics of PTC heater manufacturers (1) ordinary practical PTC heater ceramic heater This kind of appliance mainly includes: electric mosquito repellent, hand warmer, dryer, electric plate, electric iron, electric bonding device, curling perm, etc It is characterized by low power, high thermal efficiency and practical application

(2) Automatic constant temperature PTC heater Such appliances mainly include: small crystal device thermostatic bath, thermostatic incubator, electronic thermos, incubator, thermos cup, thermos plate, thermos cabinet, thermos table, etc. It is characterized by automatic heat preservation, simple structure, good constant temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency and wide ambient temperature range   

(3) Hot air PTC heater This kind of hot air PTC heater mainly includes: small warm air heater, hair dryer, greenhouse machine, dryer, wardrobe, dryer, industrial drying equipment, etc It is characterized by high output hot air power, fast heating, safety, automatic adjustment of wind temperature and power consumption.

PTC electric heater heater heater uses forced convection to heat room temperature. Because the heat transfer coefficient of forced convection air is dozens of times that of natural convection, the heat exchange area required to transfer the same heat can be as small as one tens of times. A 100-120w PTC electric heater module can be used for 24 hours × fifteen × The small volume of 2.2mm3 is the key to the compactness and lightness of PTC electric heater heater heater with the same power. Its volume and weight can be as small as about one fifth of that of electric heating oil with the same power. Aging attenuation is one of the main parameters to measure the quality of PTC electric heater heater heater. The aging speed of PTC electric heater elements is faster in the first 400 hours, and then becomes more and more gentle. After 1000 hours of continuous operation, the output power of good PTC electric heater elements decreases by about 10% left and right, and then tends to be stable, which has little impact on the heating function of PTC electric heater heater heater heater heater heater heater. There are many factors affecting the aging attenuation of PTC electric heater, and the high Curie point is the main reason. The higher the Curie point, the faster the aging, but the aging attenuation is obvious with the passage of time.

(1) PTC ¢ heating plate has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, and there is no need for temperature control system. You can directly power on the PTC ¢ heating plate.

(2) when the PTC heating plate is used to heat liquid (such as water), the PTC heating plate will not be damaged after the liquid is dried.

(3) if the PTC heating plate is used to heat cold air, the PTC heating plate will not be damaged without air supply.

(4) long service life. It can be used under normal environment for more than 10 years.

(5) reliable operation, temperature control by using the internal characteristics of # PTC # heating plate, and never overtemperature.

(6) very wide working voltage: when the working voltage changes by 2 # times, the change of surface temperature is very small.

(7) when multiple PTC heating plates are used together, they shall be connected in parallel and cannot be connected in series.

(8) Different heat dissipation conditions make the heating power of # PTC # heating plate very different.   

(9) The heating power changes from large to small after power on until it is stable. The stable power is related to the use conditions. If the use conditions of the same PTC heater are different, the power may differ by several times. The faster the heat dissipation, the greater the stable power; The higher the surface temperature of PTC, the higher the power.

(1) PTC heater and ceramic heater mainly based on heat conduction The utility model is characterized in that the heat emitted by the PTC heater element is transmitted to the heated object through multi-layer heat transfer structures such as electrode plate (conductive and heat transfer), insulating layer (electrical insulation and heat transfer) and heat transfer heat storage plate (some are also attached with heat transfer adhesive) installed on the surface of the PTC heater heating element

(2) Various PTC heaters and ceramic hot air heaters that conduct convective heat transfer with the formed hot air The utility model has the characteristics of large output power, and can automatically adjust the blowing temperature and output heat

(3) Infrared radiation heater Its characteristics actually use the heat rapidly emitted from the surface of PTC heater element or heat conduction plate to directly or indirectly excite the far-infrared coating or far-infrared material contacting its surface to radiate infrared rays, which constitutes PTC heater ceramic infrared radiation heater. branch


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