Mass production of solar assisted thermal energy storage PTC heating tubes


What kind of electric auxiliary heating is needed in the winter clean heating project of "solar energy+PTC electric auxiliary heating"? As is well known, solar energy is a clean energy source, but sometimes when the weather is too cold or rainy, the advantages of solar energy cannot be fully utilized. What should we do? To solve this problem, Tian Xiangyu proposed adding PTC electric auxiliary heating in solar heating projects as a temperature compensation. When there is sufficient sunlight, electric auxiliary heating is not needed. Electric auxiliary heating is installed in pipelines, also known as pipeline heaters, which do not need to work at this time. However, on cloudy and rainy days, the heating water temperature can be sensed through the system. When the water temperature is below a certain level, turning on electric auxiliary heating can effectively solve the problem of insufficient temperature during heating. Why choose PTC electric assisted heating? Due to the inherent characteristics of PTC, as the water temperature gradually increases, the resistance of PTC will increase, thereby reducing its heating power and further achieving energy-saving function. Traditional electric heating is constant power at all times, even with scale or dry burning, but it is not converted into water. Consuming electricity without saving energy. So PTC electric assisted heating is the best choice.


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